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We use the heat transfer kit NZ home owners trust as a remedy for condensation problems or an addition to a modern energy efficient home.

Installation of heat transfer systems should only be done by an expert as incorrectly installed system may cause more trouble than it alleviates. So when you want a heat transfer ventilation system installed in Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty area, come and talk to us at Heating Systems.


How Heat Transfer Ventilation Works

The majority of ventilation systems sold in New Zealand force air from the attic cavity into the home, relying on positive pressure to force existing air in the home out through gaps in the building envelope.

True Heat Recovery Ventilation systems bring in fresh air from outside while at the same time drawing internal air from various points within the home.  These two air streams then cross each other in a heat exchanging unit.  The cooled internal air is then exhausted outdoors while the warm fresh air is supplied throughout the house.


What to Consider

Because most ventilation systems are generally installed in the attic cavity there must be sufficient space to accommodate the ventilation unit and associated ducting.  Similarly the access to the attic cavity must be sufficiently large to allow the ventilation unit to pass through.  There is some visual impact associated with the supply and return grills located throughout the house, often in the ceiling.  There will also be some power consumption associated with the fans.


Why it’s good

Ventilation in a structure is needed for removing water vapor, produced by respiration, showering and cooking.  If water vapor accumulates it will often condense on windows and other cold surfaces within a home.  Mould growth and structural damage can occur in homes that regularly experience condensation. True Heat Recovery Ventilation will help remove moisture from the air while retaining the majority of the heat.


How much will it cost

The cost of installing a True Heat Recovery Ventilation system will depend on the extent of duct work required.  The cost of a system in a typical three bedroom home is approximately $5000 to $6000.

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